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  Ron Daley Business Improvement Services promotes an Australian designed and owned Direct marketing CRM tool for use with EzyWine, MYOB Accounting products, RetailManager, or RM-Multistore.

What the heck is a ' CRM '?

CRM simply means Customer Relationship Management - a broad term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer information. ( Definition according to greenwich consulting ).  We advocate a subtle different perspective and focus:-

CRM is a method of selling products and services by recognising the value in building a trust relationship with clients and prospects.   People typically buy from those businesses in whom they trust, have confidence in the value of the product, see demonstrated consistent standards of service delivery, and perceive the business has integrety and honesty in its business dealings.

How do you develop trust in your business relationship? - Remove the impersonal!

If you believe that communicating with your customers in an honest one-to-one personal basis, you acknowledge them in a meaningful and relevant manner, and you are honest in all dealings, then you could win more business if you are prepared to invest time and effort to make this objective work.

Why bother building this type of relationship with a customer after they have bought?

Quite simply, not only repeat business - but potentially far more powerful and profitable is the prospect of referral business.  Clients have the power to grow your business exponentially.

  What advantage will a CRM provide me?
  •   Single customer database ( you may already have this - your master database),
  •   With one click, synchronize your current customer database with the CRM application,
  •   At a glance, identify leading customers, number of purchases, their spend, and what was purchased,
  •   Quickly and easily send letters, emails, faxes, SMS, print name tags/ etc. from your CRM,
  •   Keep track of invitations, RSVPs, and payments received for your ' managed ' Event.
  What does it look like?  Click Here - for a graphical representation
  How do I make this happen?

Ron Daley Business Improvement Services can provide the necessary software bundled with training, and hardware to enable you to implement a 'CRM'  using a product(s) listed above.

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