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Email received by Ron Daley Business Improvement Services - today 24/02/09.



Subject: MYOB / EZ Wine application and CRM application - detail of what can be achieved.


To ( email address and name has been removed),

The following is an extract of a email I received today after speaking to you, ( I am unable to name the source or the Winery involved) and at this stage I will not detail the brand or name of the CRM Application that I sell, install, and support:


Start of Extract: ---------------------------------------------

" I have today received an email from one of our winery clients, regarding the success of an email campaign they ran last Thursday 12/02/09 using ( the CRM Application) , and I wanted to share this with you to stimulate some ideas!


Extract from the original email :--------------------------------------- “


·         We were looking to sell an exclusive offer of Magnum and Double Magnums through our database.  (These were priced at $150, and $300 per bottle.)

·         Through synchronisation with MYOB and ( the CRM Application), we clicked on our Wine Club Members view.

·         We then created a simple mail merge to email highlighting the offer – no links, no order forms – we simply asked them to ring us if they wanted to buy.

·         Over 400 emails went out, with the phone ringing hot moments later.

·         Within 24 hours of our first email being sent, we sold out achieving a 100% strike rate and sales totaling 5 figures!!!

·         Overall, for such a simple process (we spent around 45 minutes on this – and most of this time was spent wording the email) we gained outstanding results.  -------------------------- “


So why did this winery achieve such a good result, on premium, high end wines, and in this “Global Financial Crisis” climate”?


There were a number of reasons given that will not be discussed here.  You don’t have to discount your wines to achieve good results. “ ------------------ End of Extract.


The simple message here is that this winery has for a number of years been gathering electronic customer sales data using MYOB RetailManager.  This didn’t happen over-night.  They can now extract who are their leading buyers, the number of times each customer have purchased, the total customer spend, the average customer spend, when they last purchased, and importantly what was purchased.  They can direct market to their key customers knowing that they are offering what their customers are looking for.  This winery can very quickly ( in less than half an hour ) develop a specifically targeted marketing campaign for different customer sectors.  This winery can also use the CRM application for event management including special releases.


Despite this product having been originally designed for MYOB RetailManager and EZ Wine, this CRM application will now also interface with the more recent versions of MYOB Accounting, MYOB AccountingPlus, MYOB Premier, and MYOB Premier Enterprise.


Please let me know if you are interested in or are planning to achieve similar results, and you wish to proceed. Looking forward to your call.

Kind regards,

Ron Daley



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