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You need to know who attends for future marketing

Event Management is not new - it has been around for over 2000 years; Pharaohs built pyrmids; prophets had hill-top meetings; Romans had chariot races; and weddings are an every day event.  Yes some events may be complex, and require a significant amount of time, money, and resources to achieve a successful outcomes, but many do not.   There is no reason why an individual or small group with the right tools cannot organise their own event.  What is generally required? ( you know this ):
  1.  Determine your event activities and recources required to entertain and feed your guests,
  2.  Decide on the date, location, and venu,
  3.  Engage suppliers to provide the venue resources, food, and promotion,
  4.  Arrange for printing of invitations/tickets, send out invitations, and take bookings,
  5.  Determine how guests will arrive, and how many will attend,
  6.  Ensure you have sufficient entertainment and food resources for the event,
  7.  Run the event, and
  8.  Obtain feedback on guest satisfaction.
  Event Management Software
Where does our Event Managemnt Software fit in?  This will vary with each type of event or planning activity, but typically the software will assist with:
  •  Preparation of Invitations – Some events are restircted to a limited number of guest participants.  Managing the distribution of invitations can be simplified by the software.
  •  Recording RSVP or who has paid – Note who has RSVPed, or who has ordered and paid their ticket.
  •  Send Reminders – There is always someone that has forgotten to RSVP, or purchase a ticket by a deadline.  Sending timely reminders can help avoid this situation.
  •  Prepare Attendance lists / Name tags – Attendance lists provide a quick reference for recording who attends, printed name tags can be prepared in advance, and event hand-outs can be personalised.
  •  Seating arrangements – The software can produce table lists, but the actual seating arrangements can only be prepared with a prior understanding of avoiding any potential social disasters.
  •  Feedback from your Guests – Exit polls can be easily done at the event, however personalised feedback forms, critiques, or surveys will provide a true measure of event success.
  •  Follow-up – Communicate with those that attended.
  •  Collect guest information – Large events that use ticket agents will not receive details of ' their ' guests/customers.  This is where future direct marketing initiatives can be lost.  Avoid placing your guest/customer details in mailing lists on an internet server somewhere.  Secure this information by keeping it in-house exclusively for your direct marketing campaigns.
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